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Historical review

The Unipersonal Limited Liability Company

D´CANO S.U.R.L. was established on November 10,

2022. Its corporate purpose is the production and marketing of malted beverages and malts.

This company is focused on providing restaurant, bar and mobile food service services. Market

food, beverages and tobacco, except rum, cigars and wholesale tobacco and any other prohibited product

by law, as well as, coming from the commercial network

retail. Provide installation, operation and

rental of park equipment for recreation permitted by law.

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D`CANO was created by three friends, two engineers in Automatic Control, and another in Civil Engineering Interested in supporting the development of food production and rescue the Cuban beer tradition, promote the consumption of healthy, good quality foods, without the use of preservatives, stabilizers or chemical agents that although they improve the appearance of the product they affect its natural elements.

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